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E-commerce is rapidly gaining momentum and more types of businesses are moving online. Nowadays, there is plenty of information and services for beginners in the public domain: tips, tricks, audit, platforms, and freelance exchanges. But with all this diversity, some sites still look as if they do not want customers to leave them for money. […]

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Google is also adding two new link attributes, one for sponsored links and one for user generated content links. Google has announced Tuesday that today the nofollow link attribute (i.e. rel=”nofollow“) will be seen as a “hint” rather than as a directive for ranking purposes. In addition, Google is adding two additional link attributes, in addition to the rel=”nofollow” to provide a […]

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Search and Shopping campaigns using accelerated delivery will be switched to standard delivery by October 1. Google Ads announced a coming change to ad delivery options that will start September 17. The accelerated delivery option will be removed and standard delivery will be the only option for Search and Shopping campaigns, as well as for campaigns with […]

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Google is having issues indexing new content again and the URL Inspection tool is also having issues. Google has confirmed that as of earlier this morning it is unable to index new content across the web. There is a bug that Google said is “impacting some sites.” But it is bigger than some sites. From our […]

Top 8 Powerful Blogging Tips Every Blogger Should Follow

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There is a hell lot of money behind the blogging but to grab that money in your pocket, you need to work hard. You need to bypass the difficulties that one face in one’s blogging career. I still remember my early blogging days when I was so-called ‘Blogger‘. No one guided me at that time […]

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Affiliate marketing is not a quick technique to earn millions immediately; though it takes time to become rich in the affiliate marketing process. If you want to make huge amounts of money via affiliate marketing, you must have to know about this digital marketing technique and know how it works and whether it is right […]

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In the world of information technology, IT, many related businesses have relied on the more traditional Microsoft packages like Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. More recently, Microsoft has added more packages to its office suite: Office 365 and Office 2019. This leaves you with a choice to make. To help you with making a good […]

Why Off Page SEO Is Important In Rankings

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Today, more than 76% of businesses are done through digital marketing which starts with the goal to time frame commit; create template measurement, website metrics for growth till website traffic by source. If your job is related to SEO then you can better understand the way that business is running through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). […]

Google to stop supporting noindex directive in robots.txt

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Changes are coming to how Google understands some of the unsupported directives in your robots.txt file. Effective September 1, Google it will stop supporting unsupported and unpublished rules in the robots exclusive protocol, the company announced on the Google Webmaster blog. That means Google will no longer support robots.txt files with the noindex directive listed […]

Importance of Graphic Designing For Your Business

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As per today, every small or large business requirement is graphic designing; it presents the best way of your business. From soft copy to hard copy of any represented importance of graphic designing is included. It has become a part of today life. In this competitive business graphic design is required to create the attraction […]