E-commerce is rapidly gaining momentum and more types of businesses are moving online. Nowadays, there is plenty of information and services for beginners in the public domain: tips, tricks, audit, platforms, and freelance exchanges. But with all this diversity, some sites still look as if they do not want customers to leave them for money.

In this article, we will consider the most common errors, because of which visitors not only do not make purchases but quickly leave online stores.

1. Thoughtless traffic attraction

Many owners of online stores think that the measure of the success of the site is the number of visitors attracted. Generating traffic is not so difficult. But the main question is how many people are among the attracted users who are interested in your offer. Attracting non-target users to the site, you not only lose your reputation among visitors and search engines, as inadequate content and high bounce rates lower your site down in search results. Learn here about web content marketing

2. Attempts to hide the full cost of the goods and the message about it only at the last stage of placing an order

Ordering is the most significant step in the field of electronic commerce. If the user has reached this step, it means that your site interested him, he spent a lot of time searching and comparing various offers, stopped and is now ready to give you the money. Of course, the buyer wants the work not to be wasted (especially if the goods are classified as expensive).

For the purchase to be truly completed, and you receive the desired replenishment of the account, never hide the true price of the goods. No one who takes the time to search will pay more than what was stated in the original price tag. A person would prefer to buy more expensive where he was immediately honestly told the full price than you have for the same price, but having learned it already at checkout.

3. Restrictions for unregistered users

Not to provide users with access to services or services just because of the lack of registration on the site is a huge mistake. There should not be any difference between authorized and unauthorized users, otherwise, you will simply lose the client. Registration or mandatory filling of contact information is permissible only at the final stage of placing an order in basket. In all other cases, restrictions must lifted.

4. Damaging navigation

An online store is akin to an offline store – it should be easy to navigate and find the right product in it. Therefore, the organization of the site and the filters in the search are the most important element of the site design. Debugging these features is a time-consuming process, but it’s worth it.

5. Too much information per page

Content should be. This is certain. But in the same way, moderation must certainly be in everything. Long unstructured texts no one will read with a solid sheet. To describe the position in the online store, 1000-1500 characters are enough, accompanied by pictures, videos, additional links and other information that will facilitate reading and understanding, and not complicate them.

6. Annoying elements

First of all, we are talking about pop-ups: they distract, darken the text, and block any activity on the page. However, many site owners still use this type of ad, as it guarantees that user will see the message. You need to have very good reasons for using pop-ups. Analyze site performance before introducing floating updates and after, and based on the results, conclude about the appropriateness of their use. The same applies to other elements: chats, banners, advertising information from partners, etc. You can hire a digital marketing agency for this.

7. Poor quality content

When a potential buyer studies the site, he wants to make sure that he is making the right choice not only regarding the model and cost of the goods but also regarding the seller. Grammar and spelling errors, poorly articulated text, muddy photos in poor resolution, untimely updated information affect the image of the online store and the final decision to purchase Pubg wallpaper.

8. Ignoring errors on the site

Any error in the store’s work should be corrected immediately: a long download, an unreliable hoster, viruses, non-existent pages, and non-working services. After all, all this makes it difficult to work with the site and reduces the number of sales. The functionality of the site is your indicator of the degree of respect for the client.