Google testing carousel of text ads on mobile

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The format has proven successful with Shopping ads, but will users swipe through text ads? It’s already hard to tell how your text ads will render these days — two headlines or three, how many extensions, etc. Now, Google is testing a carousel of text ads on mobile. Spotted by SEMrush, the ads carousel appears […]

Why is Localized Cause Marketing Important?

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Cause marketing itself is not new to the world, but the increasing demand of the consumers is.In this age and time, there is less chance of getting hurt by what you do than what you don’t do.And cause marketing has now achieved the status of a norm. It is not unusual for a customer to […]

5 simple content marketing tricks will pump up your sales almost instantly

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Content marketing does not lead any sales is the biggest misconception. If there were not any sales, there would not be any company running and driving sales. For making your company running, content marketing is a necessary process to undergo. There are many businesses which have seen highs due to content marketing only. If you […]

Why do you Need an HP Laptop for Better Graphic Designing for your Website

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If you have an online business, you must have a good looking website. A beautiful website does not attract only users but also increases the conversion rate as well. For the better website, you must have better Graphic Designing which influences the users and helps in an overall increase of the conversion for your website. […]

5 Must Known Steps To Build A Strong Brand Identity

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When going to the market to buy an adhesive, we go to the shop and ask for ‘fevicol’. Now fevicol has become a synonym for an adhesive. But one often forgets the fact that it is merely a strong brand identity and not a product in itself. This the level of brand identity that this […]

Campaign-level conversion actions now live for Google search, display campaigns

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Campaign action sets are also available to optimize campaigns for multiple conversion actions. While it might not have been the flashiest, the announcement from Google Marketing Live last month that I heard many marketers say they were most excited about was the ability to set conversion actions at the campaign level. That’s now here. Google […]

Google pre-announces June 2019 core search algorithm update

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Monday, June 3, there will be a confirmed Google algorithm update – keep an eye out. Google has just announced that tomorrow it will be releasing a new broad core search algorithm update. These core updates impact how search results are ranked and listed in the Google search results. The announcement. On Sunday, Google wrote, “Tomorrow, we are […]

Revolutionary Changes and Industry Trends in the Web Hosting World

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With the evolution of World Wide Web, web hosting has become a vast field, most of people moving towards it. It is just because the number of customers is increasing day by day. People are introducing their businesses all across the globe, and it is the only most accessible way to grab customers from all […]

Google updates Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines

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The updates add guidelines on content expertise and interstitial pages, while lumping “E-A-T” in with “Page Quality.” On Thursday, Google updated its Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines for the first time since July 2018. The refreshed guidelines add more detailed directions regarding interstitial pages and content creator expertise, and buckets “E-A-T” (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) within “Page Quality” in […]

The best hacks to increase your Instagram Stories engagement

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Instagram is one of the busiest social media platforms currently. The reports say that since June 2018, Instagram has over a billion of monthly users, almost more than half of them are regular on a daily basis. However, Instagram stories are almost two years old now and have reached around 400 million active users per […]