Instagram is one of the busiest social media platforms currently. The reports say that since June 2018, Instagram has over a billion of monthly users, almost more than half of them are regular on a daily basis.

However, Instagram stories are almost two years old now and have reached around 400 million active users per day.

It is not just about the huge audience’s engagement but the stories are considered to be an ideal marketing platform. They are meant to be targeted and are a perfect way of visual marketing. However, it is great way to build a loyal audience as they tend to check the new content after every 24 hours. Also, let us now know the ways you can increase you Instagram Stories Engagement.

Share a story in Instagram Stories

Share to Instagram Story

The story has to be unique to grab the audience’s engagement; however you can be crazy or creative. The stories should be connected to that they end up creating a theme and story. Lighting plays an essential role as nothing ruins an Insta story than bad lighting, the photo or video needs to be clear so that the viewers are able to check your well-lit insta story. The story needs to be eye-catchy, and the text has to be appropriate too, the little adjustment in the texts, fonts & stickers can make your story stand-out. Use the hashtags, time, temperature and location so that your viewers can get the best out of your story.

Your viewers are more interested in your personal lives; however, it is important to show them what they expect. Usage of solid colours will surely help in breaking the monotonous routine, and build excitement on the viewers’ behalf. For a brand, if you are releasing a new product; then sneak-peek stories would do wonders for you. The story needs to be interactive enough to grab the viewers’ attention. The brand needs to be consistent on Instagram stories, so that you get to know about the number of engagements you are getting.

Add a caption or a Sound On button in Instagram Stories

Adding great captions help the viewers engage well enough, though it may be not as important as the image but it holds great significance. As the caption is helpful say for a brand, to build its knowledge base and share experience of the products/services. Call to actions (CTA) play a crucial role too; for the followers to engage. You can easily compare your products or services and then later on as the opinion of your audience as to which one they like, giving them solid reasons to interact.

Tips to write the best Instagram caption;

  •         Write a few drafts.
  •         Try to put up a CTA.
  •         Use limited hashtags.
  •         Create your own brand voice.
  •         Use emojis.
  •         Promoting on several social media channels tend to attract a good number of audience.
  •         Keep it short and crisp.

And if you have something interesting to say then do let your viewers to put up their sound, so that they can listen and maximize your reach and response.

Use Stickers

Instagram Story Features

Instagram stories caught the eyes of youngsters due to a plethora of options for Instagram Stories Stickers it provides. It is said that the stickers can be used strategically for better engagement and sometimes just for fun. There are several options like emoji sliders, polls and GIFs; however they help in adding that extra glam to your Instagram stories. Build a clickable hashtag, so that the user when clicks the hashtag, they’ll be able to check all your posts. The location sticker helps the audience to know about your whereabouts also they can check all the posts tagged on the location. Tag people in your story to increase the reach; the product stickers also help as a digital marketing strategy. You can also add soundtrack from Spotify on the images and videos.

Give options to people

If you want your stories to be more engaging then you must use relevant prompts to increase the time spent on your story.

Hold to read– try to add longer text messages to you stories so that viewers are engaged for a longer duration and prompt the viewers to “hold to read”.

Know more– give an interesting twist to your instagram story with a question and add “tap for more”, so that the viewers engage and look upto the next story.

Give jitters– instagram stories are the best way to add excitement and give them good insights by giving them information that they can screenshot or share.

The Joint Chat– instagram is working on new ‘Joint Chat’ stickers for stories. Now you can have more options to create Engagement with the Audience.

Be creative

Instagram stories is a platform that compete with Snapchat stories, however Instagram has constantly worked on adding new features. Making it an interesting platform on its own we do not want it to slow down any soon.

All you have to do is be creative and experiment with the vast features like fonts, GIFs, music and more. With the usage of these features you can surely affect the amount of engagement you get on your stories.