The website is a representation of your company. However, the website might be well-designed but what works for it is great web content. If the content is sloppy, bloated or confusing, you’ll definitely lose sales. No matter how well your products or services are, web content or in simple words the description plays an essential role.

Great web content can help you earn more shares, backlinks for your website and most importantly people will start trusting your brand. This in turn is the biggest win for you as the brand gets recognized because of good content.

Why should companies invest on a web content writer?

Content is king

Good content is an essential component for all your digital strategies. However, there are surveys proving that consumers consider trust in a company’s content more than they trust the employees. If the content is not appropriate then it gets difficult to gain the trust of the buyers. It is said that bad content negatively affects buyers. Therefore, to up your marketing game on the digital platform it is essential that you take content seriously. Also, with Digital Marketing it is easy to track your conversions; however it is easy to work on the type of content your audiences want to read. In the end, it is all about ROI therefore, while writing content your research and hours of writing should not go waste. So, we help you get away from such issues by listing 18 powerful points so that you keep them handy for any time you want to create content for the web.

1. Know your keywords for SEO

Know your keywords

It is important to know what you are writing about, because that forms the base for ideas. It is said that if you take care of the SEO part from the very beginning then it is like killing two birds with one arrow. Neil Patel calls keyword research as “the most important part of digital marketing”. It brings out the content strategy and therefore, it helps you in optimizing your articles and also attracts more traffic.

2. Never stuff keyword in web content

Never Stuff Keyword

Keywords help your web content be more valuable, readable and search-friendly. But if you think that you end up using keywords more than required then the content becomes useless. A web page stuffed with keywords look monotonous and doubtful to read and also to Google. Therefore, it affects negatively at your conversion rate and also the SERPs ranking. The bounce rate also increases as the readers will not be engaged with your content and won’t stay on the web page.

3. Call to action is a powerful step

Call to Action

Before you start writing you should be aware of the fact that the reader should feel glad about your web content and should be drawn towards your products or services. Also, there are several types of call to action buttons those can be used in web content. Desired user action after reading the content should be:

  • Download resource- they should be compelled to download the guides
  • Subscription to the newsletter- this is how you maintain the data, they should return back to your website regularly
  • Click on the get a demo button- schedule a free demo, so that there are more chances for a smooth sale.
  • Share the content- get them reasons to share the content with their loved ones.
  • Make a purchase- the description of the product or service should be so satisfying that the visitor becomes a buyer.

4. Work on the current style

Language always comes up with moderations, there are times when we read something and feel that the writing style is outdated. There are several times when the words that were used earlier are not prominent now, for instance, e-mail was considered the right term earlier and now email is used instead. Also, one of the most important things is that you write for your audience and not yourself.

Therefore, you have to keep in mind the audience before beginning to write. You need to be consistent and at the very same time modern.

5. Sources need to hyperlinked

need to be hyperlinked

On the internet you cannot cheat, however, when you take references from particular websites, you have to hyperlink that website as source. Therefore, it is counted as an essential part to give credit. If you think you might lead your audience to someone else’s page, you can surely choose the option of opening the link in another window. So that you don’t divert your audience, however, more importantly citation helps you get backlinks.

6. Give a thoughtful feeling

Thoughtful feeling

There are various factors that lead to viral content. However, promotion plays an important role and also the brand identity. However, sometimes its luck but web content plays an essential role. As to how the readers perceive the content, they should feel connected so that they forward/share it and then it gets all over the internet.

7. Action driven web content

Action driven web content

The content for web needs to be powerful and direct, so that it keeps the readers engaged. A lot depends on the sentence structure, choice of words and the style used to frame the sentences. The use of passive voice should be minimal. It is important to use different and unique verbs so that the readers learn something new like the words or phrases, ‘sales climbed’ or ‘sales rocketed’. Keep your style unique, the readers should relate to your style.

8. Keeping the web content crisp

It is about writing in a straight-forward manner; however, writing for the web is an altogether a different world. One should note that attention span is very less on the digital platform, therefore it is important to use catchy and short phrases.

9. Links should be updated

Web content helps in ranking your website; however, a lot of you are aware of the internal linking. Linking on other pages, helps the readers to spend more time on the website and grasp more information. It is important to revisit old pages and update them with new links. This will help your search results, making your page more useful.

10.Keep the SEO practices on priority

SEO Practices
Yoast SEO Plugin

If you are familiar with WordPress then, you must be aware of these rules but if you do not know them then stop everything and read this. As Yoast can help you in your web page rank, you have to follow few steps to perfect your write-up. Expand the Yoast box and check web content analysis section and know what you should improve.

11. Give a personal touch

You cannot just tell everything in the first paragraph, so you need to work on your tone. However, begin your content with a personal touch, giving several examples so that the audience can relate to the content easily. You need to be informative but more than that you have to provide the reader with some background. As we say the website is a representation of your company, however, making it a point in the first go that the article talks about something important.

12. Correct grammar does wonders

Correct Grammer

Grammar plays an essential role; however, it is important that the web content is grammatically correct. Like no one likes to see an apostrophe with a plural word, therefore, these minor errors counts to big mistakes. You can always use the Grammarly browser extension, so that it help you throughout your write up.

13. Research before you pass on the information

Learning is very important especially when you write web content, however, knowledge is important when your write.  Also, read before you give the information to others as they trust your content. You need to not just read but study and analyze several content strategies to come up with something legit.

14. Keep yourself updated with new words

Updated with new words

It is not new, but people are unaware of the usage of several words. However, dictionary should be your friend while you write web content. Never use a word unless you are clear of the meaning and it should be used in the right manner.

15. Keep it simple & understandable

Keep simple content

It is important to know that not all your audience knows the difficult words, however, you write for all people. So the content needs to be simple, as it will pass the Yoast SEO test and therefore it will be easy to rank the content on the search engines. If the content is easier, it will reach the maximum audience. However, the reading level should always be low and it should be written in a manner that maximum number of audience understands it.

16. Add sub-headings

Adding sub-headings make the web content appear easier and it will be read by maximum people. However, as mentioned above the attention span for digital platforms is very low, so it is important that people get options to break the content and read.

17. Never proof-read your own write-up

Once the web content is ready, it has to be read by someone so that they can either give it thumbs up or point out the errors. After writing the content never give yourself the credibility to proof-read it. Ask someone else to do that as you won’t be able to find errors.

18. Learn new skills for content writing & SEO training

Learn skills for content

As mentioned above, gaining knowledge is very essential. However, you can join a short-term digital marketing course that will give you complete professional training on content tips & tricks and the SEO friendly content. However, learning professionally helps and therefore, it is like an investment as it will return you in terms of sales and online traffic.


Bill Gates has rightly said that content is king, as it plays an essential role in formation of the brand image. People need to trust a company to make it a brand. Therefore, you need to work on your web content marketing strategy to achieve goals for your digital success.