Why is Localized Cause Marketing Important?

Cause marketing itself is not new to the world, but the increasing demand of the consumers is.In this age and time, there is less chance of getting hurt by what you do than what you don’t do.And cause marketing has now achieved the status of a norm.

It is not unusual for a customer to inquire about the actions that the company is taking in order to serve the community.

Not having an immediate or a good enough answer can really drive away many potential customers.

The red iPhone and Tom shoes are few of the examples of cause marketing, where a profitable and a non-profit organization come together to give back to the community, If your business fails to have a cause, the consumers may turn to the competitors that do.

According to a study, 87% of the consumers claimed to change brands to go with the one associated with a cause.

The recognition of social responsibility is growing significantly. 95% of the consumers pay more attention to an ad campaign associated with a cause.

Before we get to the localization of the cause market, let’s cover the basics first.

Choose a Related Cause Marketing

To run your cause-marketing campaign on strong ground, the first step is the right affiliation. So, when you start looking for a cause, prioritize them in accordance with their relevancy to your brand.

Follow Your Passion

Follow your passion

The best way to get the best out of cause marketing is by pursuing something that your team feels good about. When they believe in the work that they are doing, and are passionate about it, it makes your work productive and effective.

A half-hearted campaign bears no fruit. If you are not passionate about it, it will give a message that you are doing it only for your benefit and not for helping out.

Give More than Money

Simply donating money is not enough when you are supporting a cause. It doesn’t strike the consumers the way you hope it might, because it gives the impression that you aren’t truly invested.

It doesn’t reflect nicely on your business when you don’t dedicate any effort, time, or genuine help to the cause. Do something about the cause, for whoever is involved in the cause. Even donating products and services is better than writing a check.

Keep it Simple

Did you know only 11% of the consumers can retain information if it makes them laugh? According to a Harvard Business Review, people are more likely to pay attention and remember the information if it is given to them in a simple straightforward way. The point here is to keep the message simple. Don’t lose the facts attempting to excite the audience.

Use Social Media

Use Social Media

Make social media your friend. Create a hashtag for twitter, post the photos of your events on Instagram, and advertise on your Facebook page. Social media Optimization is the fastest way to raise awareness, use that to your advantage. It gives the consumers a look into your efforts.

Why Localize Cause Marketing?

Localization is not a luxury for businesses that want to internationalize. We have established the importance of cause marketing, but what is the need to localize it? Let’s have a look at that.

Speak the language of the people

Nelson Mandela gave us the way to reach directly reach his heart – by speaking in his language. That is exactly what we need when running a cause-driven campaign. A consumer’s native language has a way to get the message across the way a non-native language cannot.

The consumers not only understand your message better, but they also feel a connection to your business. Evidently, people care about a good cause. But at some point, English hits a glass wall with the non-English speakers. No such hurdle is presented when you use their native language. It personalizes the message for them.

A sense of belonging

Everyone has a strong sense to belong, it is an emotional instinct. The bonds are created when communities share mutual local experiences. Studies have shown that people have a powerful sense of connection when the need is identified locally. When you localize the cause marketing, it creates a sense of care with the consumers. They feel deeply for the cause on a personal level, making them feel like a part of a much bigger community.

Value and Trust

A generalized message doesn’t exactly show care for a particular market. When you are marketing internationally, you need to cater to each sector according to their own specific needs. This gives the consumer the impression that you are aware of their local struggles and that you are paying attention. This makes them feel a sense of trust towards you and earns your business value. This increases enthusiasm that the consumers feel towards your cause and your business.

Technology is Ahead of You

Technology has already made it easy for people all around the world to access your business. The wonders of the internet have left no boundary intact. Anyone from anywhere can see what you are up to. Might as well embrace it and control it. When customers feel that you are not catering to their specific needs, it makes them think of you as negligent and often drives them away. Running a cause campaign that has no value in their market will not earn you any trust or value from them.

Joining Everyone

Joining Everyone

Cause marketing caters to a very large audience. However, for every unique segment to feel an acknowledged and valued part of the bigger crowd, localization of advertising material is important. Moreover, it helps them understand the message that you are sending to the bigger crowd, in their own language in their own way, without any chances of misinterpretation.

To Conclude…

Cause marketing has become absolutely necessary in order to win the trust of the customers. And to make the most of it, localization is important. So that people can connect to your cause on a personal level and feel connected to your business and to the community.

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