What is Web Design?

Web Design

Web Design is the first step towards your online presence. It is a complex process that includes collecting ideas and visually arranging them on a platform. The process has several principles that serve a specific purpose. Web design is about planning, creating and updating on the electronic web pages. The purpose is to make the online journey of a web browser easy and interesting enough to catch their attention towards your goods and services.

To make things simpler, web design includes everything that is appearing on your website that includes content and the placement of the various sections and also the way it works. The design is the first thing that a visitor goes through if the appearance of the website is complex; you might lose a potential customer. However, having a simple, easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing website; making it appear credible online. Everything has to be kept in mind from the layout, colors, text styles, structure, graphics, and images to the use of various features on the website.

The layout of a website is highly essential; it has to be modern as they say digital world changes rapidly. It is important to come up with a design that is contemporary, and therefore it catches the attention of the visitors. There should be a balance in the colours, the placement of content and the style of graphical elements. All these features when combined together create a superb design that meets the goals of the website.

How to come up with on-point web design?

There are various points that you need to keep in mind when you are building your website. As there are several ways of building a website that comes later, first you have to design a layout that should solve your main purpose that is to attract a great number of audiences. Web design includes the importance of the usability which means the customer’s journey and the user habits, for instance, making navigation easier with an interesting and eye-catching layout.

1. Major elements for a nice web design

Major Elements of Web Design

First impressions are everything, so the design of the layout needs to be impressive. Therefore, several components make a professional web design. Little things make a difference; for instance, the logo needs to be eye-catching that will strengthen your brand identity. The web page should not be very long as the visitor might lose interest while they scroll. Updating the web page regularly will make the customers engaged and they would want to re-visit. Keeping the rewards and recognition on the web page helps the visitor to recognize the brand easily. In conclusion, it is important to note that a lot depends on the front page; therefore it needs to be done right.

2. Combination of colours used

Combination of Colours

The main motive of a website is to attract a great number of visitors. The colours used in a website are an essential part as they strike a balance on the web page. Colours can give the positive vibes to the website or else the website appears dull and boring. But the misuse of colour can lead to major problems; one has to look out for a perfect combination of colours for a website so that it does not look way too bright or too dull.

Research by the Institute of Color Research says that “people make a subconscious judgment about a person, environment, or product within 90 seconds of initial viewing and that between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on color alone.” Therefore, the impact of colours used in the web design is far more essential than one might think. One has to use particular colours for the particular audience, as the audience has an emotional response to several colours.

3. Choosing the right web design templates

Choosing Templates

Yes! An easier way to build a website is the use of templates. A template can save your time and it does not require a huge budget. The number of templates on the internet for websites will surely make you go crazy, but the key is to choose the template that is apt for your product or services. One should be clear on the goals of the upcoming website, while you select the template for the website. Once you figure out what your visitors would like in terms of website design, you have to figure out if the website has to be simple or a complex one depending upon the type of goods and services you offer.

The layout makes it easier to have various sections well-placed in a structured manner. As you come up with your product, you get a vague idea about the colour scheme and the layout that is where you take the inspiration to build a user-friendly website.

4. Improve your sales conversion with web design

Improve your sales

A customer’s first impression as they visit the website is the appearance and easy navigation. Therefore, it is essential that you take a professional’s guidance while coming up with the website. A web designer very well knows where the customer would search and look up for things. They will help you improve the visitor’s experience and if the visitor likes the layout then they will surely re-visit. One has to work on the unwanted steps in the selling process, on the contrary, that process needs to be made easier. Once the customer comes online they expect a fast response, therefore it is important to have a faster website and an easier one. It is not about the appearance of the page, but various other things contribute to a perfect design.

For instance, the way a visitor can navigate through the buy-now page, the online journey has to be quick. The web page loses a lot of potential customers if there any sort of technical errors, as they make the online journey of the customer difficult on the contrary they want a smooth journey.


Web design is more than about the attractive appearance of your web page. It covers a great variety of details, which includes the loading time and how fast a sale can be closed on the particular website. A website is the first step to your online presence, so you have to provide online security and information. So, now you know if you have traffic on your website and no sales, then surely there is an issue in your web design. Therefore, you need a better web service and you’ll definitely see a hike in your sales figure.