Complete Guide for SSL Certificate

If I have to tell you the answer to the question in one simple sentence – SSL certificate can help you achieve higher SEO and Google rankings. But in case you don’t install it, it can ruin all your SEO strategies; it’s as simple as that. 

Also, today 68% of the online business enterprises believe that the current internet-based laws are not sufficient to protect their site. We all know Google has a strict stance on protecting the privacy of consumers. 

So, to create a robust security system, Google announced HTTPS as a standard ranking signal.  However, before diving into more details about how SSL certificates can Obtain Higher SEO and Google Ranking, let’s get an idea about what it is 

A Brief Introduction to SSL Certificate

Secure Sockets Layer or SSL certificates are small data files that are specifically created to bind the cryptographic keys to any organization’s details. If you are installing the SSL Certificate on any server, they will activate the padlock function of HyperText Security Protocol (HTTPS) and allow secure connections from a web server to a browser. 

You can use an SSL Certificate to protect a plethora of sensitive information such as transactions related to credit cards, data transfer, and personal logins.  It must be noted that all-important browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari have also taken a strong stand on security measures. They restrict the uploading of uncertified websites, as per the fresh report published in 2020, 84% of all websites loaded on Google Chrome came with HTTPS protocols. Also, 90% of the time is spent on navigating https websites.

SSL Certificates Improve Dwell Time to Reduce Bounce Rates

Do you know that most users stick around less than 15 seconds on any website? Well, of course, you have a very short period to draw user attention. Now, this is where SSL Certificate will come to your rescue. 

Popular browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox provide a green signal icon indicating to users that the website is secure for browsing. If you don’t install them, a new site visitor will receive a red signal warning, which means the website isn’t safe for browsing. 

Nobody wants to risk their data security by visiting insecure pages. Most people will not proceed further if they find a warning that the site is not protected. So, you lose your potential audience just because you don’t have an SSL Certificate. Remember that Google Search Console also keeps an eye on the site engagements for the ranking process. If Google finds that there are too many bounce rates on your site, the search engine giant can consider it spam or irrelevant to drastically drop its ranking.

SSL Certificates Are Necessary for PCI Compliance

If your website is accepting credit card information, it becomes important for you to follow certain audits of the PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards. Thus, it becomes necessary to get SSL certificates for compliance 

Although obtaining an SSL Certificate for PCI compliance may be a small step, it’s almost mandatory. The other requirements that you need to fulfill are conducting security assessments and getting ASV (Approved Scanning Vendors) depending on the number of credit card transactions you want to process. 

The role of the SSL Certificate is to protect the consumer data when transferred to and from the webserver. If you are not able to set up your web server for using an SSL certificate, you will not be able to meet the requirements of PCI compliance. You are quite aware that PCI standards are crucial in protecting consumer information.  

Helps in Outsmarting Your Competitors

The level of competition in the digital marketing landscape is escalating with each passing day. You may have an outstanding marketing strategy but if you are not technically sound, you will fall short in the race. 

But you want to outsmart your competitors, right? Now you can implement your knowledge of HTTPS protocols to crack the nut. And it’s not difficult at all. 

But keep in mind that you need to purchase authentic SSL certificates, which are offered by genuine authorities. If you are using an expired or illegal certificate, it will hamper the ranking of your site. When a visitor visits your site, he will get an alert that the site isn’t secure even if it shows the HTTPS sign. 

Different Types of SSL Certificates

So far we have discussed how an SSL certificate can boost your SEO ranking. But the question is what type of SSL certificate is appropriate for your website. Let’s find out the answer. 

There are three major types of SSL certificate-

  • Organization Validation (OV)
  • Extended Validation (EV)
  • Domain Validation (DV)

The Certificate Authority (CA) checks the right applicant to use a particular domain and even conducts vetting of the organization.

Do Google Penalize Websites for Not Using SSL Certificates

Yes, Google punishes all insecure websites. First, it puts your site under the unprotected category, however informative it may be. Secondly, it throws your site at the back of the search engine result pages.

On An Ending Note

You have to keep in mind that Google is prioritizing a lot of SSL Certificate. The search engine giant can also make it mandatory for sites to have SSL certificates. The certificates play a critical role in boosting the SEO ranking and indexing of the site. It also builds on the trust factor informing users that your website is safe and secure for browsing.